Who uses Cardano Blockchain and why?

Cardano is a third-generation blockchain that was developed in 2017 as an alternative to Ethereum, aiming to fix all of Ethereum’s flaws and create a better, faster, and easier-to-use blockchain.

Reality is changing so fast in the crypto world and now Ethereum has re-emerged as a better blockchain option, after its relocation to proof-of-stake (PoS). How will this affect Cardano and is Cardano still a good investment?

In this article, we will talk about all the advantages of the Cardano blockchain, who uses it and why. We will see the best alternatives to Cardano (ADA), which are installed on Ethereum, such as Tamadoge (TAMA) and Lucky Block (LBLOCK), but also Binance Smart Chain, such as Battle Infinity (IBAT).

Key Benefits of Cardano Blockchain and ADA Coin

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform where you can become a validator by staking the platform’s native ADA token. By staking a portion of all your ADA coins, you earn passive income in network fees for all transactions you validate.

Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson hoped to create a more sustainable and scalable blockchain when it launched Cardano as an alternative to Ethereum. Bitcoin’s biggest competitor, Ethereum, still relied on a proof-of-work (PoW) protocol that was considered slow, power-hungry, and outdated, so much so that all PoS-based alternatives, like Cardano, were welcome.

Investors use ADA primarily for staking, for which they also receive ADA rewards, and to pay transaction fees for using the platform.

Now that Ethereum has gone through the merger and become PoS-based, Cardano could be very affected by this upgrade.

cardano blockchain

Cardano Cryptocurrency 2022

Cardano is a cryptocurrency created and traded as a potentially widespread model of investing and earning money. Good marketing and a great community have increased the value of the coin to significant figures. However, after the crypto crash in May, the price fell and has continued to fall until now. Although experts expect an increase in value in the coming years, it will not be as impressive as expected by investors.

Cardano Price Prediction

One of the most important characteristics of Cardano (ADA) is its origin, created under the Ethereum blockchain by its co-founder Charles Hoskinson. It is designed to be part of the proof-of-stake blockchain as an opportunity for investors and visionaries to make the world a better place. The team building created an interoperable and scalable multi-asset ledger with a platform for verifiable smart contracts.

Cardano was supposed to be a more efficient alternative to proof-of-work networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Because of this, it had higher interoperability and the potential to be faster, cheaper, and more durable.

Things went well until May and mentioned crash, when the major cryptocurrencies crashed, taking with them all the most minor currencies. Cardano was one of them that fell in value, apparently even more than any other currency. It was the only currency that ended 2022 with a price below its 2021 low. Investors withdrew their investments and the token quickly lost value.

Although experts expect the currency to come back in the coming months, it will hardly be a stable and sustainable investment model for long. If we see predictions, Cardano will not have a significant price increase in the coming years.

Year Price
2022 $0.53
2023 $0.79
2024 $1.16

Is Cardano Blockchain a good investment and why?

Just in the first three weeks of September, Cardano’s price was in a slow but imminent decline, dropping 12% in the past seven days. The current price is $0.4485 per ADA, about 85% below the all-time high of $3.10, according to Coinbase.

Cardano’s downfall shouldn’t last long, as the blockchain prepares a major update for September 22. The Vasil hard fork should go live and improve the scalability and usability of the network, but also recheck the ADA price.

As Cardano struggles to get back on its feet in the shadow of the Ethereum merger, investor interests are once again turning to Ethereum and its big stars like Tamadoge, which is setting a new pre-sale record among cryptos.

Tamadoge as Best Ethereum Alternative to Cardano Blockchain ADA

Tamadoge (TAMA) is the first meme coin with significant utility and it just closed its pre-sale rising $19 in a month. The project provided half of the total two billion pre-sale supply and they were all sold out in advance.

Tamadoge is more than a coin as it is also a ticket to the Doge-themed Metaverse where users hang out with the amazing Tamadoge Pets in a virtual play-to-earn (P2E) environment.

Tamadoge Pets come in the form of NFTs that you can own but also develop throughout the game by raising them to adulthood and earning rewards for your dedication. Your Tamadoge pets can also battle other players’ pets and earn “Dogepoints” which transfer into TAMA Tokens.

The presale being over, the project Telegram Where Discord are the places to go if you want to follow this exciting new project and learn more about how to acquire your very own Tamadoge.


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Lucky Block – the best NFT competition platform

Lucky Block is the market-leading NFT competitions platform whose LBLOCK coin has found itself ahead of new coins after a series of listings on leading exchanges including LBank, MEXC and Gate.io.

There are two upcoming events on Lucky Block’s calendar that investors are worried about as they are expected to raise the price of LBLOCK.

Lucky Block plans to launch a burn program that will make this token a deflationary asset. The plan is to burn 1% tokens each month to decrease the current supply of 3.65 billion tokens.

Lucky Block is also set to release an Ethereum bridge that will connect the two versions of the LBLOCK coin set on two different blockchains and make them interchangeable.

LBLOCK coins are used to purchase Lucky Block NFTs which give you access to competitions on the Lucky Block NFT Competitions platform. Each Lucky Block NFT collection has its designated Lucky Block NFT contest and designated prize.

The LBLOCK project coin is already popular with investors and the upcoming updates push this coin even higher on the list of coins to own this year.

lucky block

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Battle Infinity the Binance Smart Chain alternative to Cardano

Battle Infinity is a Binance Smart Chain-based play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem that managed to sell out all coins offered in presale ahead of schedule.

The Battle Infinity P2E ecosystem consists of several products. There is a fantasy sports game where players are collectible NFTs, but there are other assets that are also structured as NFTs, like custom avatars or virtual courts. These NFTs can be bought or sold on an NFT market. There is also a game store, a decentralized exchange, and a staking platform.

The most interesting part of the project is a virtual reality social interactions platform where players can interact on a whole new level with their gaming environment.

The project is currently in phase four of its roadmap, where several stock exchange listings are planned but also a launch of the Battle Stake platform. All of this makes Battle Infinity’s native IBAT token the best coin to own in 2022.

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Cardano is experiencing a current price decline that is unlikely to last long and will likely be followed by a positive price correction after the expected upgrade.

The expected price changes could be slight compared to the long-term projections which in the case of Cardano are quite volatile. There is no guarantee that the Ethereum merger will affect the price of ADA coins in the coming months.

The best alternatives to buying Cardano are among the new but strongly defined coins, like Lucky Block which has a track record of memorable events driving up the price of LBLOCK every time. Tamadoge is also a choice worth considering as investors couldn’t get enough of this coin even with a utility that has a record pre-sale.

If you see the potential in metaverse games but would like something based on real sports, Battle Infinity is the project to invest in in 2022.

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