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Today it will be Vuuzle Media Corp Limited – an international company, under the roof of progressive and promising new ideas for the media. Vuuzle Media Corp Limited Founder Ronnie Flynn points out that people will buy not only your product, but the emotion behind it as well. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that thoughtful creativity in business is the most effective way to qualitatively implement the business strategy of the enterprise.

Today, any business is media it is the business that generates the lion’s share of content for the target audience. Whatever your business, you should be able to use all media technologies. Research gs.statcounter.com shows that the number of users on social networks is increasing. These numbers include companies that generate the lion’s share of content for the target audience through which it positions itself in the market. In these numbers, your competitors and customers are the most important who will analyze product companies through social networks, internet, video content reviews.

Here are the interesting statistics, According to eMarketer, 65% of users aged 18-24 trust brand information found on the internet. They analyze the companies’ product, which in the future helps to make a decision when buying.

At the start of 2021, the world’s population was 7.83 billion people. According to the United Nations, this figure is now increasing by 1% per year. This means that since the start of 2020, the world’s population has grown by over 80 million people.

From the following:

  • Currently, a mobile phone is used by 5.22 billion people, or 66.6% of the world’s population. Since January 2020, the number of unique mobile users has increased by 1.8% (93 million), while the total number of mobile connections has increased by 72 million (0.9%) and reached 8.02 billion in early 2021.
  • In January 2021, the Internet was used by 4.66 billion people worldwide, 316 million (7.3%) more than last year. The Internet penetration rate is now 59.5%. However, COVID-19 has significantly affected the collection of data on the number of internet users, so the actual numbers may be higher.
  • there are now 4.20 billion social media users worldwide. Over the past 12 months, that figure has increased by 490 million, an increase of more than 13% in one year. In 2021, 53.6% of the world’s population uses social networks.

Therefore, Vuuzle Media Corp Limited goes with the times and promotes such progressive projects: the streaming service Vuuzle.TV, the modern Vuuzle Studios in Dubai, the music application Vumu Music, an artificial intelligence application called Weight 9, the Gamevuu game application, a modern online platform with a wide range of products from the world’s leading brands Dubai’s shopping chain, and a Vuco piece token and cryptocurrency trading platform Cryptocaptrades.

As for Cryptocaptrades, this is a new project from Vuuzle Media Corp Limited. A progressive blockchain platform for cryptocurrency trading. The new Cryptocaptrades app will have the most popular types of cryptocurrency available. The platform will allow you to store, send, buy and sell existing cryptocurrencies. And among the main advantages of Cryptocap Trades are SPEED, SECURITY and ACCESSIBILITY.

The blockchain platform will allow you to store, send, buy and sell existing cryptocurrencies. Cryptocaptrades will be available on Google Play and the App Store.

It is important that Vuuzle Media Corp Limited chooses STO (Security Token Offerings) as a form of blockchain investment. According to Ronnie Flynn, founder of Vuuzle Media Corp Limited, STO is launched with regulatory management in mind. They are registered in the necessary public bodies, meet all the requirements of the legislation and are 100% LEGAL.

Learn more about the launch Cryptocaptrades by Vuuzle Media Corp Limited – READ HERE:

Under the name Vuuzle.TV, this streaming service created by Vuuzle Media Corp Limited has millions of active viewers and one of the largest online libraries of free premium content in the world. The OTT platform provides high quality TV shows, TV movies and live broadcasts from users around the world.

Vuuzle.TV brings content to over 100 countries at extraordinary speed and for free, using enterprise-level infrastructure and the next-generation OTT platform. The platform contains more than 40 genre categories: from comedy, drama, family and children’s programs, classics, horror to cinema.

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited created its own OTT platform in 2018. In Q4 2019, Vuuzle.TV, a streaming app, improved and perfected its functionality. Now you can watch movies, shows and TV series absolutely FREE with no monthly subscription or registration. Simply download the app on your iOS or Android device, and you will be able to view the content in the web version of Vuuzle.TV.

Proof that Vuuzle Media Corp Limited is moving in the right direction is the acquisition of a prestigious award from Verizon Media. In particular, at this year’s CES 2021 show, the company was awarded the “Brand Blazer 2021” in the “Streaming Innovation” category. This award is presented by Verizon Media to demonstrate the best use of Verizon Media technology by businesses.

Download VuuzleTV on IOS, Android, Roku or online at Vuuzle.tv. See tons of channels and thousands of free movies! Vuuzle is a premium streaming service that offers live video content. Such as hit TV shows, news, sports, and feature films.

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Senior Content Editor and Public Relations Specialist at Vuuzle Media Corp Limited

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