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There is a new phenomenon that is gaining popularity among gamers. However, it is still not easy to understand exactly what someone means when referring to crypto games. It is a broad term that can include a few different formats. For example, you may see it listed as a category on an online gambling site, such as Casumo online casino.

On the other hand, crypto gambling can mean any type of gambling that uses an element of blockchain technology in its design. If none of these terms make sense to you, or if you want to learn more about these concepts, read on for a deep dive into what crypto games are and how they work.


Most crypto games involve some form of cryptocurrency. These alternative currencies are digital and use encryption algorithms and a digital accounting system. There are several examples that have become popular, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

These cryptocurrencies can be used for all kinds of online payments wherever they are accepted. They are also used for trading. Many online casinos have started accepting Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. It is a convenient, fast and international payment option that is secure, which makes it popular with gamers.

Although casinos accept cryptocurrency deposits, this does not necessarily mean that they are crypto casinos with crypto games. Many convert the value of Bitcoin to a standard currency such as dollars or euros, so games are actually played in standard denominations.

Online casino crypto games

Crypto gambling is now possible with dedicated game categories and even tournaments that are played entirely using Bitcoin, Litecoin or another cryptocurrency. These titles may be exclusive to crypto users, meaning developers create exciting content just for that community.

These casinos may still have centralized control and traditional game formats, but accept crypto deposits. Some operators also mix the two approaches with some games using blockchain technology. They are generally known as games with proven fairness and often have an arcade style or different format to traditional casino games. We will explore the concept further in the blockchain section below.

Play to earn crypto

Crypto games are a term increasingly used to describe games where participants can play to win P2E or play-to-win games have rewards which are digital tokens or cryptocurrency coins. Players earn them by playing for a certain amount of time or completing specific activities. In this way, players can benefit from their skills and efforts.

Many games already had their own in-game economies or currencies. Crypto games use blockchain to put digital currency into the game. Once earned, it can be banked or used to make in-game purchases. As they are currencies, the value can go up or down depending on when they were purchased and how many players enter the game.

Sandbox and ApeCoin are two examples of tokens or digital worlds where currencies can be earned or facilitate progression in available games.

blockchain technology

Crypto games are made possible by blockchain technology. It facilitates cryptocurrencies but is much bigger than that. It is essentially a decentralized digital ledger. It records transactions on a peer-to-peer network.

Apart from being used for exchanging funds, it can record votes, be used for smart contracts between two parties, and track assets. The ledger exists in multiple digital locations on separate servers, which means it is almost impossible to tamper with.

Anyone wishing to make a change to the general ledger would save their changes, as the other general ledger locations would show a difference. Because of this, it’s incredibly secure and can be used to hand control over to multiple users, not a single entity.

Decentralized games

Blockchain technology is being used as part of a move towards a decentralized web. Decentralized dApps and games are among them. They include games with proven fairness that you see in online casinos.

Centralized games do not allow the transfer of goods or points or skins or characters outside of this title. It is owned by one company. decentralized games are spread across multiple servers and game assets are owned by the players, who have equal control. Rewards and assets can be used in all games on a crypto platform.

NFT-based games

Instead of cryptocurrencies, some games use another asset made possible by blockchain technology. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are cryptographic tokens that can be a piece of music, a digital work of art, or any other collection of data. Their value is based on the fact that they cannot be reproduced. Also, stealing them is theoretically not possible due to the transactions and ownership recorded on the blockchain ledger.

Many games use NFTs as rewards for players. The games are decentralized, so the player actually owns the NFT, and it has value outside of the game. They are less likely to be stolen and can be traded. There are NFT markets where they can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

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