The Central Bank of Ghana is a strong partner in digital currencies


Bank of Ghana has signed a pilot agreement with Giesecke & Debrient (G + D) Central Bank Digital Currency (Retail CBDC), Ghana, West Africa.
G + D provides technology that meets Ghana’s requirements and develops solutions. The solution will be tested in a trial phase with banks, payment service providers, merchants, consumers and other relevant stakeholders.

The CBDC project serves as a precursor to the publication of the Digital Ghana Agenda, which includes the digitization of 30 million countries and their government departments.
According to a statement made available to LEADERSHIP, e-Cedi was introduced to act as a digital alternative to physical money. Promote Ghana’s Cash Light program by promoting various digital payments while ensuring Ghana’s secure and robust payment infrastructure.

“We also aim to facilitate payments without bank accounts, contracts or smartphones by promoting the use of digital services and financial inclusion among all demographic groups,” he added.

Bank of Ghana Governor Dr Ernest Addition said the CBDC offers an excellent opportunity to build a strong, comprehensive, competitive and sustainable financial sector led by the central bank.

Of all signs, Addision added that this concept will play an important role in the future of global financial service delivery. This project is an important step in positioning Ghana to take full advantage of this new concept.

For his part, Wolfram Seidemann, CEO of the G + D Currency Technology Business Sector, stressed: “Central banks around the world are looking to introduce digital currency as fiat currency. The government of Ghana is one of the first African countries to enter the pilot phase. With our skills and expertise. We are proud to support Ghana. “

The Central Bank of Ghana is a strong partner in digital currencies

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