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The London-based brokerage is the latest company in the superyacht industry to accept cryptocurrency…

Since Monaco Yacht Show 2021 it’s pretty obvious that cryptocurrencies are going to become commonplace in the superyacht industry over the next couple of years. The notion of cryptocurrencies being a fad is slowly being taken away by companies such as Denison Yachting claiming to have already made 18 crypto transactions for yachts over 24 meters. Just one day before the start of MYS, Camper & Nicholsons and Edmonton also announced that 72m Aztec would accept full payment for sales in Bitcoin only. And it is therefore not surprising that a large luxury yachting company such as independence from the ocean will offer its customers the possibility of paying with cryptocurrencies.

The company announced in a recent press release that it will work in partnership with the Austrian company Salamantex GmbH, which will handle systematic payment processing. The relatively new company, founded almost five years ago as an IT and financial services provider, will ensure that all transactions run smoothly.

As it stands, there are thousands of different cryptocurrencies in the world, all with different values ​​and functions. For example, Bitcoin and Litecoin primarily serve as a digital currency or store of value and thus offer the same application possibilities as classic silver or gold. Both currencies are relatively established and are well suited as a modern means of payment, which, thanks to a decentralized structure, does not require a bank or other intermediaries. In everyday life, a transaction with cryptocurrencies works in the same way as a classic payment or a normal transfer.

Peter Hürzeler, Managing Partner at Ocean Independence, said: “Cryptocurrencies have become an integral part of today’s world and will become increasingly important. Therefore, it stands to reason that our customers are now able to pay for their yacht purchase and yacht charter with this guy. As one of the first yachting companies to take this step, we are excited to make it easier to accept popular cryptocurrencies.

Additional support was provided by industry experts from VISTRA’s Blockchain and Digital Assets team. Goerg Oehme, Team Leader and Specialist Member of the Yachting Division, stating that “We see great potential for the use of blockchain technologies, especially cryptocurrencies, in yachting transactions. Blockchain technology could be the basis of the chartering process in the future, although now we see its application mainly in the context of payments.Paying in crypto allows for much faster confirmation of payment compared to payment by bank transfer, and the possibility of paying in cryptocurrency will potentially attract new charter customers; we are very pleased that Ocean Independence has now introduced the process.”

Peter Hürzeler summed up this latest development for the company saying, “At Ocean Independence, all brokers are ready to serve customers interested in this new payment option. This will further enhance our unwavering customer service which is unmatched in the world. “.

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Should all major companies in the industry accept crypto?

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