Sony’s PlayStation 5 game console is getting more expensive in India

Sony raised the price of the PlayStation 5 in India in response to international currency fluctuations and inflation. The price increase applies to both disc and digital versions of the current generation console. The price increase is effective immediately and means that the standard version of the console will now cost 54,990 rupees. The digital edition, without disc drive, is available for 44,990 rupees.

It has raised the price of its PS5 Disc edition and PS5 Digital edition by Rs 5,000 each, according to checks with Sony’s online store in India. Similar price increases have recently taken place in Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, Mexico and China. However, the price of the PlayStation 5 will remain the same in the United States, despite high inflation.

Trade insiders and pundits have said that part of the reason the PlayStation 5’s price has risen could be due to rising component costs and the appreciation of the US dollar against other US dollars. other currencies in markets like India where Sony has raised prices.

Ever since Sony launched the PlayStation 5, the next-gen gaming console has been extremely hard to find two years after its initial launch and usually sells out within minutes. The PS5 is still out of stock at major high street retailers in India, although stock is now more frequent.

When the PS5 was launched in India, the disc edition cost Rs 49,990. The digital edition was priced at Rs 39,990. The consoles are identical except for this major difference: the standard PS5 can play physical games and 4K Blu-rays, while the digital edition is limited to games digital and streaming media only.

Sony is following in the footsteps of Apple and Nothing by raising prices due to soaring production costs, compounded by a weakening local currency. Apple recently already raised the prices of iPhones and iPads in India.

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