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JCPOA stimulus talks

The Iranian president blamed US President Joe Biden’s administration for sticking to his predecessor’s failed policy against the Islamic Republic. Ebrahim Raeisi noted that this approach is the main obstacle to making acceptable progress towards reviving the 2015 agreement known as the JCPOA. Raeisi made the comments during a phone call with the Japanese Prime Minister. Fumio Kishida, for his part, expressed his country’s support for reinstating the agreement. Iran and other JCPOA signatories resumed talks in the Austrian capital on Tuesday. Iran wants the lifting of the sanctions that the United States imposed following its unilateral withdrawal from the agreement in 2018. Tehran is also seeking guarantees that Washington will not leave the agreement again.

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Iran-Malaysia relations

Iran and Malaysia can strengthen economic ties despite US sanctions. This is according to Malaysian Minister of Plantation and Commodity Industries, Zuraida Kamaruddin. In an exclusive interview with Press TV, Kamaruddin said the two countries can use barter for their business transactions as a way to circumvent US sanctions. She says Tehran and Kuala Lumpur are discussing the possibility of using local currencies, which could significantly increase the volume of bilateral trade. The Malaysian minister believes that Iran has the potential to become a hub for the export of Malaysian commodities, especially palm oil to Central Asia.

Protests by Canada’s Truckers

Protests in Canada’s capital Ottawa against Covid-19 restrictions have dragged on for nearly two weeks as authorities warn of economic damage to the country. Protesters, opposed to a vaccine or a quarantine mandate for cross-border truckers, also blocked two major crossings into the United States. A key link used to move goods between the two neighbours, known as the Ambassador Bridge, has been closed since Monday evening. Another border crossing in Alberta has also been closed since Tuesday evening. Police have threatened to arrest protesters blocking Ottawa streets. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the lockdowns unacceptable and a threat to the economy. The White House also warned that the protest action risked harming the auto industry.

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