Parliament should have an open debate

In this parliamentary session, the government will pass a law on cryptocurrency. What is this cryptocurrency? If we say in Hindi or Urdu, we can say, fictitious currency, alternative currency, secret currency, virtual currency, fake money! False words seem the simplest to me. That is why it would be better to call these six thousand types of currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, altcoin, etc. like coins. If anyone is hiding behind this fake currency, it is bitcoin. When it was launched in 2009, it cost less than a rupee and today it is priced over $ 65,000. There are currently 20 million bitcoins in circulation around the world. Their total value is currently estimated at three trillion. It is in fact a digital currency, which transactions take place over the Internet. Millions of people are also engaged in it in India because you can become a millionaire overnight. The price movement of this bitcoin and other fictitious currencies comes like a violent storm.

All of a sudden, a millionaire becomes a coward. If this currency is bought more, then its price increases and as soon as its purchase is less, its price is at the lowest. Last week I had the chance to speak to a young man in Dubai with a cryptocurrency. At this time, he probably has billions of rupees. But he said that when he lived in Paris three years ago, because of this counterfeit money, his condition had become such that he could neither pay the rent of the house nor have enough money to eat his favorite food. But now he’s got rich again. In other words, this buying and selling of counterfeit money is nothing less than a game of chance.

Due to which Mahabharata happened for Kauravas and Pandavas, it is the same gambling game. People love this bet because “asafetida should not be used for alum and the color is pure”! You don’t have to work hard, you don’t have to create anything. You only have to fill the safes sitting at home. What is harassment? Apart from that, smugglers, thugs, terrorists and criminals profit from this counterfeit money. In the bill that our government is presenting to Parliament, there is a provision prohibiting private counterfeit money, but the government itself wants to have counterfeit money issued through the Reserve Bank. Is he repeating the mistake made in the days of agricultural laws? He should ask countries like China, Russia, Egypt, Vietnam, Algeria, Nepal, etc. why did they impose a complete ban on this counterfeit money? I am sure that even BJP MPs will not allow this bill to be passed blindly. All members of the House will have a fierce debate on this matter.

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