My late night Bitcoin epiphany


My 2 am Bitcoin Epiphany of January 12, 2020, which I sent to my closest friends.


I just had a revelation that finally convinced me why I will buy more bitcoin.

My epiphany is this: the only investment vehicle available on the market today that cannot be, will not be and has not been manipulated, so as to reflect true market fundamentals, supply and demand, and the real value is bitcoins.

Publicly traded companies can buy back their shares with inflated dollars and they can divide their shares. The gold and silver market is manipulated because there is more “paper money and paper gold” than there is real silver or gold for each paper shareholder. . Bonds continue to issue more debt and their real rates are negative. Real estate and other durable assets are overvalued, and their overvaluation is a direct reflection of an overflowing dollar, when valued in bitcoin. The idea that everything is getting more expensive cannot be further from the truth. The real truth is that the dollar is becoming hypergonated, or in other words, the dollar is weakening. No currency, from the Greek drachma to the Roman denarius, has ever stood the test of time as they have all been stripped of their value through debasement and hyperinflation. The days of the dollar are numbered.

Bitcoin is a direct reflection of a booming dollar, stock market, and economy. This is the main reason why it reached such a high value and would have reached it faster if more people had understood its value and its exploitative implications for the global monetary system sooner.

It took me several months to come to this conclusion and now I see the real beauty of Bitcoin. I owe my “rabbit hole experience” to the many smart people who paved the way for educating people about Bitcoin. I owe both opponents and supporters of Bitcoin my heartfelt thanks for helping me achieve Bitcoin nirvana.

Bitcoin is the answer to our economic problems and has been in front of us for 12 years. Bitcoin is a Trojan horse that has strategically infiltrated the world and will eventually expose the weaknesses of all global currencies.

For these reasons, bitcoin will one day be valued at well over $ 1 million per bitcoin. At its core, bitcoin is the best store of value despite its continued, albeit reduced, volatility. Volatility will continue to decrease as more and more people embrace it as a store of value and realize how much it will transform the world. It is a better store of value than gold and silver because it cannot be manipulated or devalued by issuing more paper assets than its finite amount of 21 million bitcoins. While I predict ETFs and other market instruments will come to the fore in trying to manipulate bitcoin, the point is that there will and never will be more than 21 million bitcoins.

I have no doubts that bitcoin will either be the next global reserve currency or be used as the “bitcoin standard” against which all countries issue their central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). In the worst case, once all modern currencies collapse, the new CBDCs will simply replace the old currencies and governments will inflate their respective CBDCs. This latter scenario has been happening for thousands of years and will more than likely and sadly be the end result, although I would like to give humans the benefit of the doubt. The only consolation for such a result is that bitcoin will always exist and be the true measure of all CBDCs that enter the world.

The irony behind bitcoin is that it is the best store of value and it is simply the best investment opportunity of a lifetime! It will truly be the biggest wealth transfer we have ever seen in our lifetime since 1932, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt stole 35% of America’s wealth by devaluing the dollar against gold, with a simple finger gesture in one day. In fact, the most recent transfer of wealth has happened since 1971, when Nixon took us off the gold standard and allowed dollars to be inflated in perpetuity, alongside the hard-earned work of Americans.

I will close by saying that this is not about investment advice but simply about my “morning epiphany” that I had to share with my friends who have listened to me “evangelize” on Bitcoin in recent years.

Good night,


This is a guest article by Jeremy Garcia. The opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.

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