Massive SD Gundam Battle Alliance Nerfs Mobile Armor Boss Patch, Increase In-Game Currency Drop

The most comprehensive update to date for SD Gundam Battle Alliance is now available on PS5 and PS4. Patch 1.030 introduces a huge list of adjustments – a list that, frankly, is too long to post here.

However, we will go ahead and highlight the most important changes:

  • Adds four new EX missions
  • Added support for the third DLC pack (DLC launched on October 27)
  • Versatile mobile suit types are polished
  • Infighter type mobile suits have been improved
  • Movable armor bosses have been significantly nerfed
  • Stopped enemy “grab” moves so they are easier to dodge
  • Enemy health in battle is reduced
  • The amount of capital gained from defeating enemies has been significantly increased
  • The amount of capital generated by containers has increased significantly
  • The amount of blueprints earned from missions has increased
  • Many minor tweaks to gameplay and UI

If you’re already a fan of SD Gundam Battle Alliance, you’ll know how dramatic some of these changes are. The moveable armor boss nerf in particular should make some fights a lot less harrowing, while the increased capital gain means the game isn’t green at all anymore.

You can find the full list of changes on the game Official Steam Page.

Support for Battle Alliance has actually been pretty good since it launched at the end of August. Hopefully this update will freshen things up ahead of the title’s third DLC pack, which releases on October 27.


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