Join the Bitcoin TikTok army and save Generation Z


Bitcoin Magazine invites you to join the Bitcoin Education Crusade on TikTok.

Sorry, Bitcoin Twitter – Gen Z is embedded in “crypto” right now, and no, they don’t like or share your hot tweets.

You can run the numbers yourself. More than half of Gen Z investors are now on TikTok, and the social media platform is estimated to have more than 37 million users by 2022.

What does it mean? The “moonwoods” are booming in a more creaky way than we can possibly summarize in this article.

Here is a selection of golden examples:

To save the next generation from the drunken doge game – or whatever animal meme-based play that will inevitably emerge – we must work together to teach them the principles of healthy money and Why Bitcoin only.

We understand, it’s embarrassing. You don’t like to film yourself. You use these emojis – 😂🤣 – and you don’t know why you shouldn’t. But you understand Bitcoin, and it’s a start.

TO Bitcoin Magazine, we believe this makes TikTok a crucial battleground for the next wave of adoption in the months and years to come. We cannot let shitcoiners and proponents of modern monetary theory spill over onto the platform.

How you can help

We are looking to work with Bitcoiners who can create original sketches, parodies of popular TikToks, and engage in talking about the basics of Bitcoin. We want to hook viewers in the first few seconds and then educate them on the fundamentals of Bitcoin.

We have already taken the plunge ourselves – you can check out our account, managed by ours Sarah satoshi, to see what we started. But we know that this work is not enough.

That’s why we want to create a community where we can share best practices. Whether it’s stitching videos together, reacting live to videos, or responding to comments with videos.

To join our community:

Join our Bitcoin TikTok Telegram group!

There, we’ll share tips and best practices and give feedback on your posts.

Whether you are a Bitcoin influencer who wants to expand your audience or a plebs who want to scale up and share your knowledge, here are our starting tips:

General advice:

  • Using the “green screen” feature is an easy way to set a certain graphic as a background so that your audience has additional context and something to watch.
  • Do not hold your phone under your chin when filming
  • Trim your clips so that there are no “white spaces” between them – children have a short attention span and will stop if you speak too slowly
  • Use a popular song (suitable) and turn down the volume
  • Activate the captions or write them yourself (rule of thumb: never have a sequence of you speaking; there must be words or stickers on the screen)

For stitches, you embed a section of their video and then respond to it. Here is an example :

Example here.

For duets, you can react live to a video like this:

Example here.

Another way to respond to people is to respond to comments with a video. Here is an example:

Example here.

We hope to see you on TikTok!

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