Grand Theft Auto 6’s brand of humor is perfect for poking fun at crypto and the metaverse

The next Grand Automatic Flight 6 can be considered one of the most anticipated titles in the history of the video game industry. With the massive and commendable longevity of its predecessor, many assume that the scale and ambition of the upcoming game will have to be quite massive.

In addition to its basic gameplay and setting, the nature of humor within Grand Automatic Flight 6 has been an interesting talking point among the title’s fan base. From what we already know about the direction of GTA 6 humor, the contemporary relevance of things like cryptocurrency and the metaverse will likely be the subject of plenty of mocking humor in the massive new title.


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Grand Theft Auto’s New Comedy Direction


Essentially since its creation, the Grand Theft Auto The franchise is renowned for the cohesive level of humor and comedy it possesses alongside its more serious narratives and themes. More often than not, the majority of this humor comes from the presentation of caricatures of society, with popular franchise towns of los santos and Liberty City being exaggerated interpretations of Los Angeles and New York, respectively, as examples.

Given the long periods of time between main franchise releases, all new GTA The title is offered huge swaths of contemporary new culture and real-world societal shifts to explore and often poke fun at its narrative and world-building. This was done to great effect in the massively successful Auto grand theft 5the series showcasing perhaps its most obvious level of mockery of different aspects of society in the well-received title.

That being said, one of the main reported aspects of the upcoming Grand Automatic Flight 6 indicates a change in humor for the franchise, with the new tile likely retaining a new philosophy of just going up instead of down. Although this news was received positively by some fans, the fact remains that the title will be much more limited in the ways of its comedy if it adheres perfectly to this new announced framework. With that in mind, it seems more modern economic trends in cryptocurrency and the rise of the metaverse would be the perfect subject to laugh at. Grand Automatic Flight 6.

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By now, many are familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency and the metaverse, with virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum long dominating huge swaths of the news cycle from an economic perspective. Although there are huge communities around the wide range of cryptocurrencies that exist today, crypto as a concept is often chastised and mocked for the volatile and often extremely unpredictable trends these currencies can go through.

Along with other cryptography related concepts like NFTs are also a huge source of controversyso much so that companies like Mojang have publicly declared a lack of intention to get involved in the space, it’s clear that crypto is an easy target to scoff at. GTA 6, especially given the disregard for it in games. This negativity also extends to things like the metaverse, which often goes hand in hand with crypto and the digital presentation of things like the aforementioned NFT market.

Given how influential gaming figures like Phil Spencer has expressed negative opinions about the Metaversethis too seems like a perfect subject for satire in GTA 6. Not only would this brand of humor capitalize on a truly topical aspect of modern society, but commentary on cryptocurrency and the metaverse would also largely fall within the reported new frame of fists up instead of down. the bottom. GTA 6 is ready to follow.

Grand Automatic Flight 6 is currently in development.

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