FinLab Solutions SA announces the release of PackHedge™ v.6.0 offering major enhancements including portfolio reconciliation with custodians and administrators

PackHedge™ by FinLab Solutions SA

The reconciliation features are a real added value for Family Offices, Managed Accounts and other Portfolio Managers who manage portfolios with mixed asset types, such as stocks, bonds, options, futures, commodities, hedge funds, PE funds, mutual funds, cryptos. , real estate, etc.

FinLab is pleased to announce the release of PackHedge™ v.6.0 which offers many new and improved features.

Portfolio and operations managers will especially appreciate the new portfolio reconciliation tools to reconcile their portfolio(s) with custodians and/or administrators. Either using “Basic” reconciliation mode for manual reconciliation with portfolio statements, or “Automatic” mode to upload and merge reconciliation files from custodians, administrators and/or internal systems via SFTP/FTP, CSV etc A number of interfaces have been implemented with reconciliation files from various custodians and administrators and more will be added based on customer needs/priorities.

“Completing and tracking reconciliation of portfolios with custodians and/or administrators can be a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone process, especially on multiple portfolios with mixed asset types. Our PackHedge™ solution now provides a comprehensive set of tools to streamline, improve accuracy, reduce workload and increase visibility of reconciliation processes. FinLab CEO, Denis de Pentheny O’Kelly, said, “The reconciliation features are a real added value for Family Offices, Managed Accounts and other Portfolio Managers who use our Advanced Portfolio shadow accounting tools to manage portfolios with mixed asset types, such as Stocks, Bonds, Options, Futures, Commodities, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, Mutual Funds, Cryptocurrencies, Real Estate, Art Collections, etc

Easy to use tools are provided to set up account and position matching between imported reconciliation files and wallet(s) which is also assisted by automatic matching based on ISIN, Bloomberg or other codes and transaction ID. Once matched, only new accounts/positions need to be matched each subsequent reconciliation period. Multiple custodians and/or administrators may be associated with one or more wallets. Clients can customize the columns they want to display in the reconciliation mode, for example: Custodian Price, Portfolio Price, Custodian Shares, Portfolio Shares, Custodian Position, Portfolio Position, Delta Position, Reconciliation Indicator , reconciliation notes, etc.

Many other improvements have been added to the portfolio management tools, such as substantial performance improvements and search dialog functions on most tabs/windows.

Various other key features of this release of PackHedge™ v.6.0 include: The look and feel of PackHedge™ has been updated to the latest modern standards and improved to make the visual user interface more ergonomic for users with lighter and larger themes. New native-mode object types that provide specific details and behaviors related to each object type for stocks, bonds, options, futures, and commodities. Custom item types can still be used for all other types of investment vehicles, for example: Art Collections, Classic Cars, Start-Ups, etc. The custom PackHedge™ Screen & Report reporting tool can now also generate CSV files, in addition to existing Excel, PDF and HTML files.

About FinLab

FinLab Solutions SA is a software solutions company founded in 1999 and based in Geneva, Switzerland. The company develops, distributes and supports one of the investment industry’s most advanced solutions for asset managers worldwide, enabling quantitative and qualitative research and analysis, asset allocation , portfolio construction, portfolio management and financial innovation across the full range of asset types, including; Alternative/hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual/traditional funds, stocks, bonds, futures, options, commodities and many other investment instruments (UCITS, ETFs, real estate, futures, currencies , art collections, etc.).

The Company’s PackHedge™ solution provides a suite of modular, state-of-the-art software tools in a single, fully integrated platform that includes: unmatched asset allocation, portfolio construction and management tools for full pro forma portfolio simulation and/or full parallel portfolio accounting for mixed asset portfolios, managed accounts or funds of funds, with automated and/or manual reconciliation with custodians and/or administrators, scale liquidity and cash flow forecasting/analysis, contribution analysis, attribution analysis and exposure analysis. PackHedge™ offers the most advanced analysis tools including: stress testing, factor analysis, scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, exposure analysis, contribution analysis and attribution, portfolio optimization, style analysis, peer group analysis, in-depth risk analysis and statistics, analytical PCA), cluster analysis, etc. As well as comprehensive qualitative tools covering; CRM (customer relationship management), due diligence, compliance, KYC (know your customer) Outlook synchronization, document management, Mail Robot, workflow management tools including setting limits and alarms, custom fields And much more.

PackHedge™ is built on a unique and powerful model for managing multi-source, multi-currency, multi-frequency qualitative and quantitative data. PackHedge™ includes true data aggregation, extensive statistical analysis and graphing, a multi-dimensional query engine, and extremely flexible, easy-to-use, and powerful reporting and batch reporting capabilities. Plus, tools to manage time series imports, customizable due diligence questionnaires, transactions, and more. are provided to ensure full data integrity.

For more information, please visit the FinLab website or please contact:

FinLab Solutions SA, 11 Rue Maunoir, CH-1207 Geneva, Switzerland.

Denis de Pentheny O’Kelly: +41-22-548-0027 or +1-302-468-6927 or [email protected]

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