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One of the most publicized means of online entertainment these days for many is online gambling. This is a big part of the digital changes in cultural aspects. Entertainment media has become a growing industry that not only offers new age entertainment with the latest technology, but also opens doors to unexplored advancements. Online gambling is so important now that many digital currencies like cryptocurrencies are currently activated on the platforms. Therefore, many experienced and new gamers are poised to explore the new-age entertainment medium without delay. However, as the new digital methods are offered on the websites, many lose their true concept which reflects the traditional and immortal gaming culture which is irreplaceable. Under flashy games, online casinos bury heavily designed games that cannot attract users for too long. But it will also be wrong to say that there aren’t any big crypto-based online casinos that offer light games on their websites. For anyone who is a fan of classic gambling with old school game concepts, then crypto casinos like CrytpoGames are perfect. Of all the worthy competitors online, this one stands out particularly for its simplicity and classic entertainment through its choice of games. Each of the games at the casino are top notch and lightweight. They thoroughly carry the true essence of classic gaming, and this can be reflected in the goals of the games. Of the 9 crypto games they offer, Dice is perfect for beginners. So read along to find out how you can find the ultimate experience for classic gaming through CryptoGames‘De.

Back Game history

For many years, Of has been used as a device that decides the outcome of a game, a bet, or sometimes even to predict the future. This is one of the most versatile methods to increase the intensity or thrill of any game. If you are a fan of board games like Snakes and Ladders or Monopoly, you know very well how. the dice are used in different games. However, in these games you have to rely on the following result after each throw. But in the modern version of the game, the developers of CryptoGames have decided to add a little touch to the traditional method. In gambling, since you have to bet against your luck, it is obvious that you will make your predictions in advance in many cases. As with the dice, this rule is applied. Which brings us to-

Objective of the dice

In the crypto version of Dice, you will be playing against your luck. This means that you must first make your predictions on the outcome of the dice and then place the bet. If your prediction comes true, you will win. In the game, you will have a choice of two options. These options will require you to either roll over a specified amount or roll under the specified number. Now let’s see the-

Guidelines for dice

  1. If you have not been registered at the casino or have not created a fully activated account, then complete the registration process as a first step. This will allow you to make deposits to your deposit addresses, withdraw payment, or even use the exchange system to convert your coins. However, if you don’t want to start using your real funds yet, you can also choose to complete the basic registration and then use the available play money currency.
  2. You will be able to play dice for a small house edge of just 1%. This means that no matter which payout multiplier you choose and how much bet you place, you will get a good reward if you have a winning bet.
  3. After you have completed your registration and settings, you can then continue playing the game. Before you roll, adjust a few settings for your dice and both conditions. This means that depending on the parameters of your bet, the casino will offer you two conditions to choose from.
  4. In your fit, make sure you start with a bet amount that you are sure to put on the stake. It is advisable to start small so that you can first master the game before making any bold moves. After adjusting the bet amount, go to adjust the payout multiplier. This will affect your chances of winning. For example, if you are aiming for larger payout amounts, then you will be less likely to win your bets. And if you choose smaller payout amounts, then you have a better chance of winning. From 0.000 to 99.999, choose any multiplier that suits your confidence.
  5. Once you have set the payout multiplier, the casino will then show you two numbers or, as we mentioned above, conditions to choose from. You will receive two numbers and you will need to choose one. Considering the payout multiplier and the odds of winning, predict the outcome and place your bet. So roll the dice!
  6. If your prediction was correct, you will win based on the payout multiplier you adjusted before the game started. Otherwise, you will have 0 payouts.
  7. As we mentioned above, the casino offers you the option of placing your bets using its in-game currency. So if you are unsure of the game procedures, be sure to use the cash fictitious as much as you want!

Where to find fictitious money

The in-game currency can be won through the casino’s built-in tap. This feature is a unique feature of CryptoGames that rewards all players to take a look at the ins and outs of the system without using their own money at the start. There is a specified number of tap requests available every 24 hours. The number will depend entirely on your level of player. If your player level is the highest, you will get up to 60 available tap requests each day. While PlayMoney may be available with a higher number of requests per day, abuse of the feature will turn it off for good. And in severe cases of tap abuse, your player account will be blocked. Hence, be sure to avoid the continued withdrawal of your play money winnings from the tap.

In addition to play money, you can use these 10 cryptocurrencies available for the game:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ether
  • Classic Ether
  • Monero
  • Hyphen
  • GAS
  • Solana

Now, if you are new to CryptoGames, you might be confused as to how the transaction system works. In addition to its normal transaction systems for deposit and exchange, CryptoGames has built new systems that are easier to activate. Here is our brief description of the whole system-

Regular methods

Right after completing the full signup process, you can go to the Your Account tab and then configure your deposit and withdrawal addresses. The two addresses will be different from each other and you can configure them according to your preferences. Then using them you can start depositing your cryptocurrencies and converting them into credits. And if you win, you can withdraw your rewards using the withdrawal addresses you provided. For regular exchanges, you can simply go to the Exchange tab under Your Account and choose the cryptocurrencies to trade from. Convert then.

The new methods

For fiat currency users, CryptoGames has enabled credit card deposits through Onramper. The new method is a third-party fiat-crypto gateway aggregator, which allows players to purchase their favorite cryptocurrencies using their credit cards. The system is available for a specified number of cryptocurrencies from now on, but we hope it will expand to provide more options. Another new method of transaction is the futuristic exchange system which allows users of different cryptocurrencies to convert their funds into any of the cryptocurrencies available on the website. This system is available through ChangeNOW, a highly reliable crypto exchange platform. On the platform, you will find over 250 crypto coins so that you can trade your cryptocurrencies without any additional stress.

The dice have more to offer

The jackpot

In CryptoGames’ Dice you will be able to play for the progressive jackpot hosted by Dice. This will allow you to aim for larger gains in all your bets! Your bets can win the Jackpot if they meet the following conditions:

  • The dice roll returns as a winning roll of 7.777 or 77.777. These numbers are considered the lucky jackpot numbers.
  • The amount of the bet placed and the profit returned (combined) must correspond to the lower amount indicated by the game (this amount will vary depending on the cryptocurrencies)

If you win the Jackpot, you will receive 100% of the prize if your winning amount exceeds the stated amount. And if the winning amount is lower, then you will receive a proportional share of the Jackpot. The corresponding amount will be set at a minimum of 1%.

Revamped version

If you’ve become a fan of the classic version of Dice and want to explore a little more advanced version of the game, you can check out DiceV2. This is a creation completely redesigned by the casino. Still offering the classic concept of the game and a familiar goal, DiceV2 also gives you a wide range of potential outcomes. Find out more by checking out the games on the website!

The classic CryptoGames dice are for everyone

As an impartial casino, CryptoGames has ensured fair treatment of all player bets on board. Therefore, if you are a beginner level player, rest assured that spending on Dice will be done without any fear of getting ripped off. The game is as simple as it gets and will pay you a fair profit on every winning roll. As part of the growing culture of online gambling, CryptoGames has activated many new features in its casino. Needless to say, the games have also adapted a lot of new design patterns that will appeal to advanced level players as well as newbies. But thanks to the simplicity, every game on the website can be explored by anyone. And Dice will always be the only game that will keep you entertained and expand your curiosity about the modern world of crypto games. With or without experience, anyone can count on Dice and 8 other games on CryptoGames to help them explore the entertainment medium further.

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