Elevated Chat on Twitch | How much will it cost you to elevate your message?

Twitch yesterday unveiled a new experience that will allow streamers to further monetize broadcasts with “Elevated Chat” messages.

For a scalable price, viewers can give their message special treatment, making it easier for streamers and all viewers to see a message. The feature is similar to something YouTube once called Super Chat.

As the feature is still in the experimental phase, it will only be available to selected streamers. Twitch hasn’t revealed exactly how many people will have access to it. But if your channel is selected, you will be able to see a special icon next to the Cheer icon that viewers can use to raise a chat message.

How long a position is high depends on how much a person is willing to spend. At the time of writing, the amount of time a message can be elevated ranges from 30 seconds to two and a half minutes. Prices for each option range from $5 for 30 seconds to $100 for two and a half minutes.

Picture via Twitch

The revenue split for these is 70-30 in favor of the creator, after taxes and fees. Some high cat prices will be different due to local currencies. The current experience will run for four weeks, and the feature is only available on PC, not mobile.

How to use the elevated cat

If a streamer has a cheered up chat, you should see an icon in their chat text box next to the smiley face emote that serves as the Cheer icon. The icon will look like an upward pointing arrow.

Once you click this button you will be presented with options for how long you want the message to be high.

Select an option and type your message. Once the message is ready, the purple chat button in the lower right corner of the chat will say “Buy and send”, with the high chat price indicated. By clicking on it, you will finalize your purchase.

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