Cardtonic & Patricia’s Glover App – Nigeria’s 2 gift card giants



They could also be used to get discounts when redeemed at certain brands while some could be used to renew subscriptions etc.

Gift cards are becoming so popular and they are showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. According to MarketWatch, the international gift card market is expected to grow from $ 318 billion in 2017 to $ 506 billion in 2025.

The use of gift cards in Nigeria has also increased. Many major global brands have extended their reach into Nigeria which has increased the demand for gift cards in Nigeria.

It has also created a market for gift card redemption applications in Nigeria. Unlike the situation a few years ago where gift card redemption probably looked like a myth to Nigerians nationwide, there are now tons of gift card redemption platforms that offer owners of cards the ability to convert their gift cards into cash.

Their presence in the market over the years has massively contributed to the place in which the gift card business in Nigeria currently finds itself. It would not be a stretch to regard both platforms as pioneers. The market has become very profitable. Indeed, Nigerian card owners have finally found platforms to sell their gift cards without getting ripped off.

The young entrepreneurs saw the opportunity and decided to also enter the market, because everyone knows “Naija no de carry last”.

Their good work has not gone unnoticed. I would take the time to speak at length about the two platforms. All of their perks and areas could be better as well.

About Cardtonic

Before I get into the thick of it, let me tell you a fun but true story about the creation of Cardtonic.

In 2016, the founders of Cardtonic chatted with a freelance writer from Awka, who just got paid for his services through Payoneer. He preferred cash to this digital asset at this point. All he had to do was find an exchange platform that converts digital assets into cash. Which shouldn’t be a problem right? Unfortunately, it was. This freelance writer said he had searched online for such a platform here in Nigeria for weeks and was unable to get one.

The owners thought that the freelancer wouldn’t be the only one facing this problem. He and many other people would go through the same thing. This prompted their decision to jump into the business and make the exchange not only possible but easy.

Cardtonic is a modern gift card sales site that focuses solely on redeeming gift cards. You can sell over 40 gift cards on the platform with just 3 clicks.

Features of the Cardtonic app

1. Cross-platform availability

This means you can trade on the go with the cardtonic platform. The app is available on IOS, GooglePlay Store and they also have a website version. This means that even if you are not with your phones at some point, you can still chat over the web with your desktop or laptop.

2. Zero fees on withdrawal fees

Withdrawing from your Cardtonic wallet is completely free, there is no charge when requesting a withdrawal.

3. Functionality of the rate calculator

Available on both mobile and web version, this feature has been implemented so that its users have an exact knowledge of the amount they would get for one or more cards.

With the “3-Step Gift Card Redemption Process”, you can redeem in minutes.

Benefits of Cardtonic

  1. No maximum withdrawal limit
  2. The app is easy to navigate
  3. Responsive customer service

Disadvantages of Cardtonic

  1. Has the “Purchase functionality”
  2. Limited to redeeming gift cards only

About Patricia’s Glover App

Patricia needs little or no introduction. Patricia is one of the first digital asset exchange platforms in Nigeria which has performed extremely well. As I said before, there has been a massive drought in the gift card business in Nigeria, converting any digital asset to cash in Nigeria was next to impossible. The few who tried got ripped off.

It was from this question that the idea that Patricia was born. The founder also testified that he was also a victim of this digital asset scam.

Patricia decided to decentralize and now;

  • All gift card transactions would be made on Glover instead of Patricia
  • You would need a new account number for Glover
  • Only Fiat currencies would be used to purchase gift cards eg Naira

Glover is an exchange platform that specializes in buying and selling gift cards, among other things. Glover was founded in 2018 with the vision of creating a world with all financial possibilities. Recently you may have seen Glover on your TV, Bigbrother to be precise.

Features of the Glover app

1. Can be used to pay bills

Besides redeeming gift cards, you can use your Glover app to pay certain bills. which include your DSTV, Swift, Spectranet and a few more.

2. Buy airtime and data

On your ganter app, you can purchase airtime and data plans from all major network service providers in Nigeria.

3. Convert airtime to cash

Not only can you buy, but you can also sell your airtime on your Glover app. If you ever have too much airtime, instead of leaving it on your phone, you can convert it to real money through Glover.

Gift cards are one of the best gifts to give to a loved one and another source of payment. Whatever reason you need it, it’s always good to know that you can buy it through the Glover app.

Benefits of the Glover app

  1. It has the “Buy” function
  2. You can transfer money from your Glover wallet
  3. Ability to convert airtime to cash

Disadvantages of the Glover app

  1. Average customer service
  2. The application is quite complicated to navigate


Both platforms need to be commended for their exceptional service. Through their diligence, they have made a positive impact and developed the gift card business in Nigeria. What was once a myth can be done from the comfort of your home and various devices in minutes. Both platforms can now boast of not only local but international customers. These two are truly giants.


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