Best Naraka Glyphs: Bladepoint, Ranked

Naraka: Bladepoint puts a unique spin on the Battle Royale genre. Instead of a modern setting with guns and explosives, players instead face powerful characters with supernatural abilities in a feudal Chinese aesthetic.

There are many ways to play Naraka: Bladepoint ensuring survival in its various game modes; however, players must build their loadouts well in order to be the last one standing. A vital system that has a great impact on Naraka: Bladepoint is the use of glyphs. Glyphs become available to players at level six, which unlocks several additional sub-effect categories that provide bonuses during a match. Here are some of the best glyphs of Naraka: Tip of the blade.

8 Wealth

Wealth is an origin glyph that allows players to generate Dark Tide coins over time, instead of being limited to earning them only during in-game matches. Dark Tide Coins are a currency that players earn by participating in and winning matches, and players can use them to purchase unique upgrades from vendors called Rift Dealers.

Armor, Armor Powder, and Souljades are all items that enhance players’ chosen character and enhance their abilities, but can only be purchased from these vendors with Dark Tide Coins. A little extra currency never hurt anyone and can be a big hassle in the early game.

seven Savagery

Also a member of the original tree, Savagery increases the amount of rage a character gains during matches. Rage is the resource needed to charge a character’s supernatural ultimate ability, which is a devastating move characters can use to turn the tide in a fight.

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A character’s ultimate can be a game-changer during a match, and being able to cast it on unsuspecting opponents before they have their own ultimate can tip the balance positively for the player. Each character starts with one ultimate ability but can access up to three after a bit of progression. Depending on the character played, players can dominate an entire team or capitalize on a lone wolf who has strayed too far.

6 Light

Compete in the battle royale mode of Naraka: Bladepoint, the circle can be a difficult place to live in, depending on its size. More often than you’d like, the difference between living and dying can lead to a player outside the circle trying to avoid an entire team or avoid the showdown altogether.

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Using the Glyph of Light from the Sun Tree, a player will take less damage from shadow corruption which begins to pile up on the player characters, giving them more time outside of the circle. The Light Glyph is not a game-changing tactic, but it can make a difference if a player is pushed out of the circle or tries to get back into the circle with low health.

5 Genius

Another vital tool for surviving and gaining Naraka: Bladepoint resides in the tactical use of skills in-game. A character’s skills and how players use them are integral to their performance in combat situations. However, players should be careful as skill cooldowns impact momentum and can lead to a bad edge if a move is used too soon.

Fortunately, the glyph of genius in the solar tree gives players a small amount of cooldown reduction, so that they recover their abilities sooner rather than later. This perk can give players an edge in a number of situations, especially one-on-one encounters.

4 Attached

Movement is key when reading Naraka: Bladepoint, which makes it different from most Battle Royale games. There are several modes of movement and agility in the game, the most versatile being the grappling hook. The grappling hook can cling to surfaces and enemies, pulling the player long distances and stunning opponents who are hit for a short duration.

The Moon Tree Attachment Glyph makes the grapple travel farther, faster, making it a more useful tool when engaging an enemy or trying to back out of a combat encounter that goes badly.

3 Intuition

Enemy health bars are a useful feature to help players spot a fleeing enemy player or vulnerable target. For a short time after taking damage, an enemy’s health bar becomes visible from a distance. This can make them sitting ducks for a team or a warning for a cautious team.

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The Moon Tree Glyph of Intuition increases the amount of time the enemy player’s health bar remains visible. This increases the player’s advantage when chasing a weak opponent who decided to run away from a fight that turned out not to be in their favor.

2 Persuasion

Rift Dealers sell essential gear to players during matches. The longer a player lasts in the game, the more vital these resources become. However, as the game progresses, prices at Rift Venders increase, making the Omni Tree’s Glyph of Persuasion a valuable addition to any player’s build.

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The Omni Tree Glyph of Persuasion grants players a small discount when buying gear from Rift vendors. A passive player who doesn’t accumulate a lot of Dark Coins can use this glyph to make ends meet when frontline combat isn’t their preferred playstyle.

1 Carnage

A character’s ultimate can turn the tide in a match or a large team encounter. The resource for this ability builds slowly as a player fights against other characters. The Omni Tree Rampage Glyph increases a player’s amount of Rage at the start of a match.

This reduces the time it takes to fill the ultimate meter, making the player a much more dangerous opponent in mid to late game situations. Getting a head start on getting a character’s perk can make all the difference in Naraka: Bladepoint.

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