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New York, NY, October 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Arca Labs, the innovation division of digital asset management company Arca, and Oasis Pro Inc. (OPI), whose subsidiary, Oasis Pro Markets LLC, operates An Asset Alternative Trading System (“OATSPRO”) today announced and funded a joint venture to develop tokenized products under the Investment Companies Act of 1940 (Act 40), also known as Blockchain Transferred Funds (BTF). As evidenced by an upcoming study commissioned by Arca, expanding the number and reach of registered products currently offered in the digital asset securities ecosystem remains a key goal to improve adoption by the industry.

Arca launched the industry’s first BTF in July 2020, with the introduction of the Arca US Treasury Fund (the “Fund”), which issues its shares in digital asset securities. The creation and continued adoption of the Fund validated this structure as an evolution of traditional financial instruments by incorporating blockchain technology. These proof points include the adoption and deployment of ArCoin, the digital asset holdings representing shares of the Fund, in pilots and proofs of concepts. With this new joint venture, Arca and OPI will work together by commissioning the OPI / Arca Working Group on Digital Assets for Securities, made up of market participants representing market makers, traders, hedge funds and financial institutions. traditional.

Oasis Pro Markets provides a primary market and, through OATSPRO, a secondary market for the trading of digital asset securities, including a growing product line that already includes equities, fixed income, asset backed securities. assets and now BTFs. OATSPRO, thanks to its state-of-the-art matching engine, allows institutions and other subscribers to trade digital securities (“blockchain”) on its alternative trading system (“ATS”) and to make payment for these digital securities via digital money (i.e., stablecoins such as USDC and DAI and, where available, central bank digital currencies (“CBDC”) or fiat currencies via a custodian The system provides on-chain custody and settlement services for digital securities and digital cash, providing a streamlined process for private market transactions, with access to secondary market liquidity.

“Arca’s investor-centric approach is a hallmark of everything we do,” said Jerald David, president of Arca Labs. “As we lead the charge of building the digital asset market, it’s crucial to be as inclusive and collaborative as possible from the get-go. That is why partnering with Oasis Pro Markets and jointly establishing a working group to understand the needs of clients using these types of products is essential to better serve the market.

The OPI / Arca Digital Assets for Securities (DAWGS) Working Group, appointed by the OPI, will initially consult with the two companies on the terms and conditions necessary to create products that will meet the needs of the industry through adoption of digital asset securities. This group’s initial research and development investigation will take place over the next few months, making recommendations on portfolio construction and culminating with the goal of developing a regulatory case to create a second BTF.

“Arca Labs shares OPI’s commitment to regulation and creating innovative products, so the opportunity to partner is exciting,” said Pat LaVecchia, CEO of OPI. “As the first regulated ATS in the United States to allow subscribers to settle digital securities transactions through digital cash payment, we have focused on working with regulators to develop a solution that meets the needs of regulators and our customers. clients. We know that regulation is inevitable in digital assets and working with partners who share this same mindset is crucial for the development, validity and success of the digital asset securities market and ecosystem.

The partnership with OPI aims to offer investors more regulated and tokenized financial products. Arca’s commitment to further establish the digital asset ecosystem through these selected partnerships with trusted industry leaders marks the beginning of a collaboration with like-minded companies on regulation, operations and customer experience, to come together collectively to deliver products that meet the needs of institutional investors.

If you are interested in joining the OPI / Arca Digital Assets for Securities Working Group, please submit your application here.

About Arca

Arca is an asset management company that invests and innovates in digital assets. Our mission is to offer asset management products that meet the operational, compliance, legal and regulatory standards necessary for sophisticated investors to gain exposure to digital assets. Arca’s product set includes actively managed hedge funds, passive vehicles and an industry-first BTF, developed by our innovation division, Arca Labs. The Arca US Treasury Fund is the first registered fund to issue its shares via blockchain, which integrates peer-to-peer blockchain technology and instant settlement functionality with traditional investment vehicles. The founders and senior members of the Arca team have worked in traditional finance and FinTech across many asset classes and strive to bring the best of traditional financial practices to digital assets to deliver the right product to the right investor at the right time. Learn more about Arca:

About Oasis Pro Markets

Founded by seasoned Wall Street and blockchain veterans, Oasis Pro Markets’ mission, as a full-service investment bank, is to bridge the gap between the world of traditional finance and decentralized finance, “DeFi”, and to become the leading platform for trading in multi-asset private digital securities on a global scale. Oasis Pro Markets is a FINRA member company that operates a multi-asset ATS (“OATSPRO”) to enable the primary issuance and trading of digital securities.

OATSPRO enables issuers and underwriters to easily and securely buy, sell and quote a range of alternative assets in the secondary market. Subscribers can also make payment for digital securities through fiat and digital currencies, including stablecoins, and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) through their custodians. Backed by a team with extensive industry and regulatory experience, Oasis is the next evolution in alternative asset investing. For more information, visit The securities are offered via Oasis Pro Markets, member of FINRA / SIPC.


An investor should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses of Arca US Treasury Fund before investing. This and other information is available in the Fund’s prospectus, which should be carefully reviewed before investing. To obtain a prospectus, please call 1-888-526-1997.


Investing in the Fund involves risks, including loss of capital. An investment in the Fund is only suitable for investors who can bear the risks associated with the limited liquidity of stocks and the uncertainty of emerging technologies, and should be viewed as a long-term investment.

Arca Capital Management, LLC “Arca” serves as an advisor to the Arca US Treasury Fund, distributed by UMB Distribution Services, a member of FINRA / SIPC. Arca and UMB are not affiliated.

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