Apex Legends Microtransactions, Apex Coins, Heirloom Shards & More, Explained

Like many free games that have emerged in recent years, Apex Legends diversifies the way its players unlock cosmetics across a variety of currencies. It is a trend that many of his contemporaries also implemented. However, Apex LegendsThe economy is a bit more complex than a simple binary between common and premium, as it has multiple currencies that each serve a unique purpose.

Provide some variety to progression through Apex Legends‘unlockables and access to additional content, Respawn Entertainment has divided different aspects of the gaming market into four major currencies: Apex Coins, Legend Tokens, Crafting Metals, and Heirloom Shards. While there is some overlap between them, each has a specific use and a specific way to earn it.

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Apex Parts

Apex Coins is Apex Legendsmost versatile currency, capable of unlocking almost anything in the game. With Apex Coins, players can purchase each new Battlepass, offering prizes for players to progress through the season. In the in-game store, players can use Apex Coins to purchase the latest premium Apex skins, charms, and packs, Apex Legends‘the equivalent of the loot box. Additionally, Apex Coins can be used to instantly unlock all of the Legends the game has to offer.

Being the only premium currency in the game, Apex Coins are primarily obtained through microtransactions. However, there are ways to earn Apex Coins that won’t require players to enter their credit card details. In addition to bringing each season a premium battle pass, Apex Legends simultaneously offers a free equivalent. Here, players will be able to earn a few hundred Apex Coins at no cost.

Like similar games on the market, purchasing a single premium battle pass can potentially fund the next one. By reaching level 100, players will have earned enough Apex Coins to acquire the Battle Pass for next season. For those who know that they will sink into Apex Legends, purchasing a premium battle pass can prove to be a very lasting investment.

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Legend Tokens

Octane in Apex Legends taking a selfie

Legend Tokens are a much simpler alternative to unlocking new Legends. When the engine starts Apex Legends, most of the various characters will be locked, with every new character added since launching in 2019 to be purchased. Legend Tokens are used to unlock these Legends, as well as to purchase skins through the in-game store. However, for these skins, players will need to own the original version of that skin first.

Perhaps the easiest currency to earn, Legend Tokens are obtained only through leveling up, which means all players need to do to unlock new characters is play the game. each advanced level players are rewarded with 600 legend tokens and each legend in the game costs 12,000 legend tokens. While this looks steep, in context it requires a player to level up 20 times to save enough. It may take a while, but it is certainly doable.

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Fabricate metals

Bulwark in the Apex Legends Thrillseekers event

Crafting metals are used to craft any cosmetic product available in the customization tab of any legend. Here, players can craft skins for their favorite weapons, quips, emotes, holosprays, finishers, and various aspects of the Legend’s Banner. However, this only covers the basic cosmetics available for each character and does not include the premium items found in the store.

Crafting Metals are earned quite simply, most commonly found in Apex Packs or Treasure Packs found during Battle Royale rounds and the Battle Pass. In Apex Packs, Crafting Metals will be given when the reward would have been an item the player has already unlocked, up to half of that item’s value. For example, a legendary item costs 1,200 Crafting Metals. If the Apex Pack offered a duplicate of an already unlocked Legendary item, the player would instead receive 600 Crafting Metals.

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Shards of inheritance

Fragments of inheritance are Apex Legendsmost elusive currency, used to unlock Heirloom sets in the in-game store. These sets contain a character-specific melee weapon used in place of the standard unarmed melee strikes, as well as a joke pose and of corresponding banner. However, Heirloom melee weapons do not deal more damage than a regular melee attack, but they do add an extra touch of customization and fuel the lore of the game.

Each non-event Apex Pack a player opens has a less than one percent chance to contain Heirloom Shards. But, those numbers are tracked, and if 499 packs are opened without any Heirloom Shards being found in one, the 500th is guaranteed to hold onto them, ensuring dedicated players will be rewarded for their continued support.

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