10 things you didn’t know about Frieza’s army

One of the reasons Akira Toriyama Dragon ball has become such an iconic series because it is comfortable to indulge in many different sensibilities to entertain large audiences. Dragon ball the focus pits Goku and the Strongest on Earth against malicious and powerful villains, but there’s so much personality added to the series that makes Dragon ball more than endless fights.

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There are some extremely intimidating villains who appeared in Dragon ball over the years, but the evil tyrant Freeza is often positioned as the franchise’s ultimate threat. Frieza possesses deadly strength and can get by, but the character has institutionalized a notorious army that frequently fights alongside him. They may seem like hired help, but Freeza’s army has a lot of history.

ten They’ve been wiped out many times

There is certainly strength in numbers and one of the reasons Freeza’s army has such a revered reputation is that it has assembled massive numbers that number in the hundreds, if not thousands. This army can usually get what it wants only by brute force, but Freeza has also proven that he has very little allegiance to those who serve him. Goku and his company helped drastically downsize Frieza’s army over the years, but Frieza himself even wiped the slate off in frustration. He is not at all opposed to starting from scratch.

9 They have supremacy over the Saiyans

There are extremely diverse individuals within the ranks of Frieza’s army and he doesn’t seem to discriminate when it comes to who can join. Eclectic species of aliens make up Frieza’s army. However, the Freezer Force has learned to periodically lean on the Saiyans for additional help. The Saiyans aren’t officially members of Freeza’s army, but he’s incredibly comfortable giving them orders and treating them as a separate faction from his galactic empire. Frieza also has a deep contempt for Saiyans, who appears to play a major role in the treatment of warriors by his army.

8 The Heeter Force are their main competitor

Manga Dragon Ball Super Heeter Force Team

Dragon ball super has developed the tradition in an illuminating way. Great the manga is still going strong and there have been some important revelations in response to the various factions ruling the galaxy.

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Freezer’s army is also known as the Planetary Trade Organization or the World Trade Organization, in reference to their monopoly on the weaker planets. It turns out that there is a rival organization, the Heeter Force, which has similar conquest goals that clash with those of the Freeza Army.

7 They have advanced technology and weapons

Anime Dragon Ball Scouter Tech Scope

Dragon ball has done an effective job of highlighting the strengths of the various planets and their corresponding races across the galaxy. Granted, Freeza’s army was able to gain much of their power through conquest, but they left them very well equipped. Frieza and his forces make extensive use of the efficient Attack Ball transport pods, as well as spaceships and stationary cars. In terms of weaponry, they have beam guns, arm cannons and even Mecha Freezer is rebuilt with a rocket launcher. Their scouts, who are at the origin of the Tuffle technology, also get updated from scout litters to their modern designs.

6 They continued to function even during the absence of Frieza

Anime Dragon Ball Frieza Force Army

It’s not ridiculous to assume that a faction known as Frieza’s Army might end up disbanding after its leader’s death, but the resilience of the continued efforts of the Force Frieza is quite convincing. Goku’s defeat to Freeza leaves his army in an uncertain place and many members are either eliminated or disbanded, but there are still small remnants of Freeza’s army that continue to fight in his honor and keep the dream alive. life. Frieza isn’t often highlighted for his compassion or loyalty, so it’s surprising to see this level of dedication on the part of his team.

5 They are sometimes overlooked in favor of outsourced mercenaries

Anime Dragon Ball Z Cell Frieza with Ginyu Force In Hell

Freezer’s army is so large that it is often able to handle anything thrown at it. Frieza even has extra confidence in his right arms, Zarbon and Dodoria. However, it’s important that Freeza always has backup plans when his own team isn’t enough to get the job done.

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Frieza turns to the Ginyu Force for its most important missions and there is a strong relationship between the tyrant and the dreaded group. It makes sense that Frieza has reinforcements ready when his typical A team fails.

4 They have crossed generations of the line of Frieza

Anime Dragon Ball Frieza Refrigerated Army

Most of the time, whenever Frieza’s army is shown, it is under the rule of Frieza himself. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but what’s more fascinating is that the military seems like a generational privilege that has passed down to Freeza’s family. Prior to Freeza’s tenure, the army was led by King Cold, under the name of Cold Force. Cooler’s revenge on his brother also places him at the head of a capable team. Finally, even Freezer’s distant ancestor, Chilled, controlled his own version of it all, Chilled’s Army.

3 Some members have defected to join the new Saiyan empire

The Dragon ball z the movies feature some incredible conflict and popular villains, but they can also mess with the show’s canon in confusing ways. Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan is the eighth Dragon ball z movie and works like the introduction of Broly and his father Paragus. This film fosters a fascinating relationship where the lingering remnants of Freeza’s army actually join the invading New Saiyan Empire of Paragus. This is a rare occasion where the power dynamic between Frieza’s army and the Saiyans is reversed, but still explains how throwaway they are all.

2 They use a form of cylindrical rods as currency

Anime Dragon Ball Super Cylindrical Rod Motto

Dragon ball is so often focused on matters of life and death, or on the obliteration of the entire universe, that simple luxuries like money are often overlooked. On earth, Dragon ball the resident currency is the Zeni, which is most often represented by the cash earnings of the Tenkaichi Budokai. Obviously, Zeni is far from being a universal currency and Dragon Ball Super: Broly points out that Freeza’s army uses a strange shape of cylindrical rods as a means of payment. Frieza pays Cheelai and Lemo with these rods, but not much more is known about them, including their conversion rate to other galactic currencies.

1 They align with the Time Breaker Alliance

Anime Dragon Ball Frieza Army Time Breaker Alliance

Dragon ball both anime and manga have returned to exciting new content, but there have been years that fans have had to look to various Dragon ball video games to discover any type of new content. Dragon Ball Online was a groundbreaking title for its time and it really explores the mythology of the show in creative ways. The game details how Frieza’s army is hiding, only to line up with the Time Breakers for the purpose of Frieza’s rebirth. Freezer’s army performs many Time Breaker tasks, while also traveling to the past to collect Freezer’s remains for his rebirth.

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